Welcome to ALVIO @ 80 5 – 10 May 2022 Island of Crete, Greece |


The [email protected] conference is planned to take place in person, at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, in Chania, from 5 – 10 May 2022. Final decision will be based on the number of participants booking the venue for their accommodation.

The registration and reservation of accommodations, without having to pay has been extended until 01 March 2022.


Thus, all participants, who wish to participate at the conference, should express their interest by submitting their registration through the online registration system at https://alvio80.org/index.php/registration/.


Regarding the submission of accommodation forms, this is dealt directly by the venue: The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC). Note that since OAC is a nonprofit organization it is extremely bureaucratic for them to make a reimbursement.

OAC has offered to extend the room reservation deadline to 1 March 2022 without any charges for the participants who have/will send their forms. (In fact they haven’t charged any payments so far). After 1 March 2022, and subject to the number of reservation applications received (min 35), a final decision will be made on holding or cancelling the meeting.

In case the number of accommodations is above the minimum requirement of 35, all applied participants will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with the payment of their accommodation to the OAC that should be made until 10 March 2022.


Please note that in this case payment should be made only by bank transfer (the e-mail from the OAC will have the name of the bank, the bank number etc) and a confirmation of the payment (bank receipt) should be sent by e-mail to the OAC.

All payments to the OAC will be non-refundable.


In line with the above, participants are invited to follow the instructions of their meeting registration with MITOS. Similarly, no payments should be made until 30 June. Please submit only your meeting registration form. However, after 30 June, participants will have to log in with the same username and password and complete their registration by paying the corresponding registration fee directly to MITOS. This should secure a place at the conference while alleviating any travel uncertainties that may still exist. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you need any clarifications.


The conference will celebrate the life and the scientific achievements of Alvio Renzini, who turned 80 in July 2020. Alvio’s extraordinary career spans over nearly 6 decades of amazing productivity and covers a great diversity of scientific topics, including stellar evolution, stellar populations in globular clusters, the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, elliptical galaxies, high-redshift star formation, theoretical modeling, observations.

The scientific program is focused on the latest developments, both observationally and theoretically, in each of these topics with an emphasis on the interplay between the evolution of stellar populations in galaxy sub-structures, the evolution of the supermassive black hole, and the evolution of galaxies as systems across the cosmic time, including the physics of quenching. While highlighting Alvio’s monumental legacy and reviewing the past successes, the conference will also address present outstanding problems, discuss current efforts and point to the most promising future directions.

Alvio Renzini
Alvio Renzini
Alvio Renzini

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