Dear participants to [email protected],
we have made arrangements with the Arsenali conference center to have our meeting on September 5-10, 2022. To secure our reservations, will soon open up the registration process and request that all of you register for the conference and book your accommodations. As past history has shown, while it seems reasonable to expect that be next September the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic will have receded to a level to allow us to travel to Crete and attend the conference in a safe manner, there is still the possibility that our plans will be disrupted again. In such a case, of course, we will honor our reimbursement policy and return registration money if the conference cannot take place. As vaccination and booster rates expand in most countries, at this time we are somewhat optimistic that this time the conference will take place.

Hence, we ask you to not abandon hope to, finally, meet in Crete to celebrate Alvio and discuss our scientific work in person once again. Please, monitor the conference Web site for instructions and deadlines about the registration process. We will also send emails reminders and announcements.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to extend to you all our best wishes for a joyous and productive new year 2022

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you need any clarifications.


Two years have passed after the Abstracts of the conference presentations have been submitted for the first time. Participants, therefore, might want to re-submit their Abstract (making any necessary changes like updating the title of their presentations) to better reflect the work done during this time.

The registration and abstract submission are now open.


The conference will celebrate the life and the scientific achievements of Alvio Renzini, who turned 80 in July 2020. Despite a delay of a couple of years due to the travel restrictions of the pandemic, Alvio has not changed a day and he’ll be with us in the picturesque city of Chania to discuss about his extraordinary career which spans over nearly 6 decades of amazing productivity, covering a great diversity of scientific topics, including stellar evolution, stellar populations in globular clusters, the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, elliptical galaxies, high-redshift star formation, theoretical modeling, observations.

The scientific program is focused on the latest developments, both observationally and theoretically, in each of these topics with an emphasis on the interplay between the evolution of stellar populations in galaxy sub-structures, the evolution of the supermassive black hole, and the evolution of galaxies as systems across the cosmic time, including the physics of quenching. While highlighting Alvio’s monumental legacy and reviewing the past successes, the conference will also address present outstanding problems, discuss current efforts and point to the most promising future directions.

Alvio Renzini
Alvio Renzini
Alvio Renzini