Please note that reserving your accommodation is independent of registering for the conference (Please follow the instructions by clicking on the “Registration” button).

There are two options (A and B) regarding the accommodation for the Conference, described in detail below. In both cases you will need fill this form: indicating your preferred option (A or B), whether you are planning to attend the welcome reception and/or conference dinner, as well as additional information regarding your accommodation reservation.

After completing the form:  you need to send it by e-mail to:  [email protected].

OPTION A: Accommodation at the Conference Location

The venue of the conference is the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC); a public welfare institution in the category of national foundations. It is located on the outskirts of the town of Kolympari, 39 km from Chania airport and 24 km from the city of Chania.

There are 52 rooms available at OAC.

Participants are strongly encouraged to select this option in order to increase the scientific and social interaction with Dr. Renzini.

OPTION B: Accommodation at hotels in the village of Kolympari

There are many options for booking accommodation outside the premises of OAC, but we strongly advise you to choose the Conference Location.

Please note that conference participants that will choose option B will need to pay an amount of 69€ per person per day, directly to the Orthodox Academy of Crete, to cover the cost of the conference facilities, coffee breaks as well as lunch and dinner for each day of attendance.

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